Ed Shepherd

Ed Shepherd created workouts based on programs involving strength and aerobic circuits, which are very effective and require less time, and nutrition strategies that are sustainable and enjoyable. Now he enjoys helping people achieve the body and lifestyle they desire.

Steve Shepherd

Steve Shepherd is a five-time world kickboxing champion and a top pioneer kickboxing promoter in the state of Florida. He defeated eight world champions from five weight divisions, four of them during their championship reigns. He also decisioned future world champions Don Wilson, Ted Pryor, Dale “Apollo” Cook and Bob “Thunder” Thurman.


Michael Platt

Michael Platt, the newest partner at The KickBox Club, is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for the fitness industry. Following a career that included ownership of a Professional Wrestling organization and a marketing company that focused on Colleges and Trade Schools, Michael founded Professional Fitness Institute.

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Edgard Figueroa

Edgard “El Titan” Figueroa followed his brother and father into boxing at the age of 14. Edgard debuted in the pro ranks July 2017 in a televised fight winning an upset in a unanimous decision.

Jose Cortes

Jose Andres Cortes is originally from Cali Colombia, also aka:”The Colombian Necktie” is a experienced professional boxer & MMA fighter, and a well known personal trainer and group fitness trainer. He came to the US to escape the violence, cartel and political wars in the region, and as an athlete, he quickly assimilated and soon became a star soccer player in the minor leagues and had several offers from professional teams and chose boxing instead. Recently, this past December, he fought a 10-round light heavy weight bout and won the championship belt in a dominating victory.

Franky Gedeon

Franky Gedeon is a Golden Gloves Champion native of West Palm Beach with 12 professional fights and ranked #1 in Florida and #5 in the nation.

Chloe Lambros

Meet Coach Chloe! She has been the fitness industry for over 10 years Certified with NFPT, SRT and Schwinn, she has a specialty in strength training, bodybuilding, functional training as well as endurance training. Originally from NYC, Chloe spent a lot of time as an endurance athlete cycling, running and Spartan race training. When Chloe made her way to Florida, she fell into the world of competitive bodybuilding.

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Joseph “JC” Shepherd

JC is a West Palm Beach native. He has a long-time passion for all sports including surfing, swimming, boxing and kickboxing. He trained under his five-time world champion uncle Steve Shepherd and his strength is effectively demonstrating how to kick like a pro.