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How This Pandemic Will Shape a Generation

By Lise Ragbir, writer, curator, and Director of the Art Galleries at Black Studies at the University of Texas at Austin As the United States loosens coronavirus-related restrictions, some of us are beginning to look up from where we are, to look ahead. We have undoubtedly entered a new era of looming unknowns and new normals, […]


Flexibility, the ability of your body to move through its optimal range of motion, is thus an important component of our physical health. One of the primary ways that you can maintain your flexibility is through stretching. Inactivity leads to tight muscles. Thanks in large part to the advances in technology, most of us are sitting […]

Fit For Life

Here I am at 65 years old. After years of back pain, high blood pressure, chronic indigestion, gaining over 45 pounds of fat, and too many injuries to count, I’m incredibly grateful to say that today I feel awesome. I’ve never been stronger, better conditioned, and more flexible than I am now. Many people believe […]