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What Is The Best Diet?

Eating Clean The best diet is the one that works for you. There are over hundred diet books presently, and many of those have made the best seller list. So, they must work, right? They do, for some, but seldom are they lasting or sustainable. Fad diets are all temporary at best. As one who […]

Top 10 Weight Loss Tips

1. DRINK WATER Hunger is often confused with dehydration. Next time you feel like having a snack, have a glass of water. Even mild dehydration can alter our body’s metabolism, so aim to drink eight glasses a day and limit soda and fruit drinks. Drinking water before meals can help promote weight loss, and studies […]

BS Nutrition Tips

Never eat before you go to bed. Always choose foods that are low-fat. Never eat more carbs than protein. When it comes to dieting advice, if someone tells you to “never” or “always” do something, it’s likely they’re promoting a nutrition myth. So how do you determine fact from fiction? Check out the following ill-informed nutrition […]

Why Processed Foods Are So Bad for You

By Jennifer Fox Chances are you’ve eaten some processed food today. Whether it was breakfast cereal, a granola bar, lunchmeat or a frozen dinner, some part of your diet likely contained one or more of the many preserved, refined, prepared or otherwise messed-around-with packaged foods that line our grocery store shelves. To be fair, the […]

7 Ways to Eat Healthy for Life

By Nicole Reino Building a healthy eating plan doesn’t have to be confusing or overly restrictive—it just requires an easy-to-remember strategy. Use these simple tips to make a lasting change and discover the clarity that nutritious food brings to your mind and body. Start Small Whenever you’re making a major lifestyle adjustment, think about it […]

How Many Calories Does 1lb of Muscle Burn?

By Pat Koch, CSCS / September 14, 2018 A common misconception is that for every pound of muscle added, you can expect to burn an extra 50 calories a day…even while you’re not exercising. Unfortunately, this is wishful thinking. It is true that muscle burns fuel at rest. However, the amount of calories that 1 […]