Morning Workouts Will Change Your Life

Morning workouts will prepare you for the day ahead, prevent you from making excuses not to go to the gym and help to kick start your healthy lifestyle the right way making you more committed to it.

You will experience better sleep without the tossing and turning. Waking up early for your workouts will make you tired and ready for bed at the end of the day. According to the National Sleep Foundation, people who start earlier in he morning actually sleep longer and experience more restful sleep than people who work out at night.If you do start out in the morning, make sure you’re not continuing your late night ways. You need at least seven hours of sleep to keep your body functioning at peak performance.

You will start the day happy. We all know that working out releases endorphins in the body that makes us happier. Now imagine getting those feel-good endorphins even before you have had that first cup of coffee.You will build better muscle. Your testosterone levels are nearly a third higher in the morning, which gives you lots of energy and enhances muscular development.

Early morning exercisers tend to be more consistent as fewer distractions exist in the morning. Unlike the evenings, there are no work meetings or happy hours to derail your intentions to hit the gym.

You will eat healthier. Working out early can help set a healthful tone to your day, and thus encouraging you to make smarter choices with food and daily activities.Start earlier will burn more calories throughout the day. There is an “after burn” effect so you increase your metabolism, and you get the calorie boost from your workout session out of the way and get a boost. Also, you will burn more calories and be more likely to be more active if you exercise first thing.Your workout will be more efficient. You will be more focused and with a set time you will get in and get out with a purpose.

You will lose the guilt. If you wait until the end of the day to do your workout, you will be more likely to miss it causing you guilt. Your workout is already over and your evenings are yours with nothing to feel guilty about.

Stress is handled better. Not only does working out make you happier, it also increases your ability to deal with stressful situations. No matter what, you will feel better equipped to handle the day’s stressors after hitting the gym.

You might target your fat reserves by early morning workouts. Since you are less likely to eat a big breakfast before your workout, you will have to dig into your reserves to power up your cardio, which is different than the evening workout when you are simply burning off the day’s energy intake.

And finally, you will avoid the crowds as evenings can be crowded so morning can be a great time to hit the gym.